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What to Consider

We offer beds in three sizes, queen, full (double)and twin and in two orientations – upright (a vertical cabinet) or horizontal (a side cabinet). The vertical upright cabinet is the recommended choice if you have an 8 ft. ceiling and at least 100 square feet of floor space (a 10 ft. x 10 ft. room, although this is not a hard and fast rule; all are 16-18” deep (the simplest cabinet is 16” deep) and takes the least amount of wall space. The horizontal side cabinet is the best choice if your ceiling is less than eight feet or if you room is narrow. It features a finished top as well.
Beds are offered in two styles, one influenced by the Craftsman/Misson movement, the other a simpler, “No Frills” Contemporary style akin to the Scandinavian/modernist look. Within the Craftsman style you have your choices of a number of “faux” (non-operating) door designs and, in both styles, the choice of a table that opens (drops down) when the bed is closed. The Craftsman table, when closed, is unique because it is virtually a “secret” (concealed) part of system.
We offer numerous woods to chose from as well as stained and painted beds. Side units and other accessories (doors, drawers and lighting) are other choices.
Regarding mattresses, they are not included and we do not sell them ourselves, but we can suggest sources here locally, or you may buy one in your area. If you have one already it may work well. Refer to Mattress info on the MORE page.

Ask for a Quote

To make the process easier and to help you decide, we’ve prepared the following questionnaire that addresses all the options we offer. Indicate your possible choices and add comments and/or questions as you fill this out. You’ll have an opportunity at the end to send it to us as an email. We’ll try to respond quickly with answers, more questions and a close estimate of what the cost might be.

Ordering / Terms / Lead Time

Once you’ve finalized your order, you will be asked for a 40 percent deposit –personal checks are preferred and we also accept credit cards -- with the balance do at installation or when your order is ready to ship. You will have seven days to reconsider and cancel your order without penalty. After that there may be a five percent charge. If your order has already gone into productions, there may be additional charges.
Demand for high quality, custom furniture “Made in America” is high and challenging for a small company such as ours. You may be asked to be patient for as long as 12 weeks or more. Thank you for your trust and faith in Sonoma Woodcraft. You won’t be disappointed.

Contact Us

You may call us during business hours or simply use our Contact Form to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.
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