Wall Bed Mattresses

We don't sell mattresses but we can help you find the perfect one at a great price. Check out our sources (below) or, if you have your own, make sure it's no more than 12 inches thick. A thinner mattress will allow more room for bedding. To work correctly in our beds, a queen mattress should weigh about 65 pounds, a full size about 55 and a twin about 35. The tension of the mechanism can be adjusted to fine tune the operation of your bed, but a Tempur-Pedic or similar latex bed may be too heavy.

Local Mattress Sources

Among many local sources, we like:
Lori’s Half Price Mattress
(“Premium Mattresses at Amazing Prices”) - Sebastopol, CA
Sleep City Mattress Centers - Sebastopol,CA
MattressDirect - Cotati, CA 
California Mattress - Campbell, CA  (South San Francisco Bay Area)

Lift Mechanism

We use gas piston struts in all of our beds and regard them as the most simple, reliable, safest and quietest lift systems on the market. And, not only that, they are adjustable to make your bed work optimally with the weight of your mattress. They are easy to install, require no maintenance and are guaranteed for life. They are similar to ones used in the hatchback of cars, but because they are not subject to the punishing swings in temperature possible with cars parked in colder climates, they as less likely to fail. In any case, they are inexpensive and can be replaced in that event. Read: "Jake's Blog."
Lift Mechanism
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